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ESP – Secret Powers of Mind

Written by KrissMC

Demystifying The Secret Powers
Of Your Mind
ESP Demystified
The capacity to foretell the future, know of events that will happen or that
have happened several years back, the ability to communicate with others
far away have always intrigued man for thousands of years.
There was even a time when having such gifts could get a person in trouble
as most people tend to explain the unexplainable in terms of witchcraft,
devil worship and the supernatural.
Through experience, people learned that education and knowledge is the
result of the interaction of various stimuli and information received by the
human brain through the five senses – touch, smell, hearing, taste and sight
singly and/or cumulatively. This is the most common learning method
through which mankind’s vast reservoir of knowledge from the past to the
present is amassed.
However, the same physical laws of learning do not automatically apply
when it comes to explaining and understanding the phenomenon of extra
sensory perception (ESP). And instead of making the topic easier to
understand, advances in the science of psychology further makes the issue
more difficult to comprehend as they have proven beyond doubt that
consciousness (the mind) is totally different and a separate entity from the
human brain! Additionally, quantum physics research indicates the existence
of a non-material universe that coexists with the physical universe that we
are familiar with!
Using the logical yardstick of learning and experience, ESP is therefore far
removed from the five ordinary senses. It is independent of variables and
controlling factors such as location, time, intellect, maturity, or education.
In the early 19th century, ESP was accorded several names such as
cryptesthesia then relesthesia until it evolved into what is commonly known
today as clairvoyance. Due to its various multi-faceted feature, researcher
Lousia Rhine coined and proposed the use of the term general extrasensory
perception to include both mental telepathy and clairvoyance.
Rhine’s theory about ESP is that ESP experience originates in the human
unconscious, a vast repository of memories, hopes and uncertainties of
which the individual is totally unaware until such time when the information
is brought to the conscious level by an external stimuli. This theory is
validated by psychiatrist Carl G. Jung who theorized that an individual’s
conscious mind possesses subliminal and instinctive access to the
unconscious, a vast warehouse of collective insights and experiences.
There are other theories which have been put forward over the past one
hundred years. Such theories and speculations range from the conjecture
that people have ESP organs such as lymph nodes and bone marrows which
are connected to the nerve endings which are responsible for the
transmission of thoughts below the perceptive level.
Others postulate the existence of two subconscious entities – one for the
physical universe and another one for the metaphysical and that an
extrasensory experience happens when the two entities become one, which
very seldom occurs as a continuous fusing of the two entities would result in
sensory overload which the human mind cannot cope with.
Researchers also discovered that the natural ESP in some individuals can be
influenced and made indistinct by that person’s previous experiences, belief,
and training. Similarly, the inaccuracy of ESP messages may be attributed to
the unconscious alteration and obstruction of an individual’s conscious mind.
Opinions regarding individuals who have more pronounced ESP capabilities
than others are that the ability is inherited, that the gift is an elemental
sense which weakened due to modern technological advances and that it
may be some sort of a super sense which develops in conjunction with a
person’s nervous system.
Psychical research reinforces the premise that all individuals are born with
ESP capability however there are people who possess more of it than others.
Investigations in the occurrences of ESP phenomena also reveal that most
people have experienced at least one ESP experience in their lives.
People’s misconception of the sixth sense, as what extra sensory perception
is commonly referred to, changed in the early 20th century when more and
more scholars and people from the medical and academe began to
investigate the phenomenon.
Together with the research, a systematic compilation of sixth sense
experience of various individuals from all over the world reveals that at one
time or another, every person normally undergoes some kind of psychic
experience occasionally but these have been ordinarily attributed to by most
as simply coincidence or a twist of fate.
Most of us have certainly experienced some hunch about something that will
happen, sometimes in the form of dreams that became true or a tingling
sensation that another person was either thinking or looking at you. These
types of experiences are very often happens unexpectedly, without warning
or any arrangements.
There are some individuals who are by nature more psychic than others and
psychic experiences are common-day incidents with them. Yet there are also
those who are so engrossed by the subject that they pursue it more deeply,
doing all they can to read, learn and develop their sixth powers in order to
be able to control and use it at will.
Another often-used term for sixth sense is psychic powers or ESP –
extrasensory perception.
The academic and psychological communities who are engaged in the
investigation and study of the sixth sense assert that there are several kinds
of psychic powers that people possess, whether singly, in combination with
one or two, but very rarely does a single individual all of the identified and
acknowledged psychic powers.
Clear Vision (clairvoyance) – the ability to see far away scenes and places or
hidden things, without the use of the eyes instead a clairvoyant uses the
mind’s eye to become aware of scenes and other images.
Clear Hearing (clairaudience) – is the discernment and/or perception of
sounds or words from a distance. A person possessing clairaudience is able
to hear sounds and words not ordinarily perceived by our physical ears.
Clear Emotion (clairempathy) – an individual’s ability to sense the thoughts
or feelings of another person.
Psychometry – the ability to identify and pick out information about a
person, place or an object by holding another person’s personal belonging or
an object that belongs to the place.
Psychokinesis – the ability to make an object move using the powers of the
mind or mental telepathy.
Intuition – commonly known as gut feeling, this is a person’s ability to
distinguish a thought, awareness or information directly. It is a person’s
uncanny feeling about an event, an occasion or something that will happen.
Telepathy – is the ability to communicate with other people through
thoughts (mental telepathy).
Mental Influence – considered as a highly developed form of mental
telepathy wherein one can manipulate the thinking and decisions of other
Psychic Healing – is the ability to cure sicknesses and/or illnesses by the
transference of some kind of healing energy through touch.
Auric Sight – the ability to see other people’s or objects aura colors and
discriminate their frame of mind, feeling, thoughts or physical condition.
Although all these psychic powers are naturally present in any individual and
are more strongly evident in others, these abilities can be developed and put
to use. In doing so however, special training may be required and necessary
for people who are not naturally psychic.
There are a number of risks associated in using and developing psychic
abilities which should be taken into consideration should an individual pursue
the desire to developing them.
1. Engaging in psychic training may possibly prevent a person from self
improvement and even away from spiritual growth due to a relentless
pursuit of psychic discernment.
2. There are psychic powers and abilities which requires a person to be
mentally and psychologically submissive in order to be able to tune in
to other people’s minds to allow external influences into his own which
might have a damaging or depressing effect.
3. Some people may very well use the knowledge for selfish intentions.
4. An individual who lacks self discipline and self control might find
difficulties in stopping psychic impressions and may not be able to live
a normal life.
5. Since the psychic interpretation of an experience could be erroneous,
the psychic may unintentionally delude, commit a mistake or cause
harm to others.
If an individual desires to develop his psychic powers, the best course of
action is first to build up his concentration and awareness abilities, learn how
to control the mind, build of his strength of will, practice restraint and
mental and emotional objectivity in order to be certain that one is able to
open and close mental doors at will to avoid being manipulated by their
psychic perceptions.
Physical and mental preparation prior to engaging in the pursuit and
development of psychical abilities is very important as there are numerous
accounts of psychic mediums that experience poor health including nervous
and mental sicknesses. Medical research verifies this because they say that a
psychic’s sensitivity, openness and receptiveness to external psychical
stimulus and impressions is indicative of a weakened physical and mental
health rather than an indication of highly developed spiritual and psychical
Do not be misled into thinking that psychic mediums and psychic adepts are
one and the same. Psychic mediums are passive channels and their abilities
are involuntary, unpredictable and erratic whereas psychic adepts are have
total and full control over their abilities and have surpassed the lure and
misconceptions of both the material and non-material worlds; they are so
strong and so much in control that malevolent forces could not even
influence their thoughts or bear to approach them.
Psychical development is not about being in the hunt for metaphysical
phenomena but more about having the right thinking and doing the right
thing at the right time; it necessitate the complete and absolute purging of
all traces of self-centeredness while at the same time refining the virtues of
selflessness and empathy, arriving at inner balance and harmony, and living
for the benefit of others.
Usually, people find it very difficult to control and harness their psychic
powers because they are held back by their own egotistic personalities and
worldly temptations.
It is important to understand that psychic astral power is a type of
divination. Since almost each one of us has experienced some sort of psychic
powers at some points in our lives, learning how to develop and use them
can be done almost with no difficulties.
Psychics use their abilities to communicate with spirits and they can hear the
voices which elude the hearing abilities of ordinary people. They can see
through the physical walls or even relive the past regardless of location and
time. These abilities vary extensively in terms of quality and strength and
are totally dependent on the individual practitioner.
Being kindhearted, having the capability to understand the feelings of others
and possessing deep spirituality enables a psychic to develop more
extensively and help more people.
As mentioned earlier, developing one’s psychic ability and intuition requires
continuous training, sharing of psychic experiences, and going through
There are several manifestations of psychic powers, the most common of
which are the following:
• Telekinesis: the ability to sue the power of the mind to move an object
or cause an object to move without applying physical force.
• Materializations: the ability to call the departed spirit and take over a
human body (almost always in the psychic’s own body). The physical
resemblance is very remarkable that it is as if the dead person is alive!
• Will Power: is a mystifying ability to control thoughts and ideas that
others can be persuaded to change their minds and follow the
psychic’s train of thought.
• Clairvoyance and Clairaudience: these two often work together and are
almost indistinguishable except that the psychic does not use any of
the physical senses associated with sight and hearing.
• Telepathy: is the ability to transfer thoughts and ideas to the mind of
another person regardless of distance or physical barriers. This is one
of the most common experiences of almost everybody.
• Crystal Ball Gazing: may also be called astral visioning wherein the
psychic gazes into a crystal ball and is able to discern future events.
The crystal ball is not necessarily the source of the vision but may only
be the channel through which the psychic can focus for concentration.
• Psychic Dowsing: most people of early cultures use this method to
locate metal deposits and sources of water or any other matter or
physical being using unexplained intuitive powers.
Originally, most people
thought that these
extraordinary powers are
the private domain of
psychics and mystics who
are thought to be naturally
born with these abilities or
have acquired them
through some miraculous event.
However, this was proved not to be the case and instead it became evident
that psychic powers are common to almost everyone. What is lacking is the
natural ability of individuals to detect their psychic abilities and develop
Luckily, you do not need to attend special schools in order to develop your
psychical powers as there are exercises you can do on your own and even
learning aids that you can construct to help you build up and harness your
hidden or dormant psychic powers. One of the most common tools that
people use are Zener cards – each card with each own unique symbol. The
use of Zener cards was pioneered by Duke University’s parapsychology
laboratory specifically for telepathic experiments. It’s quite simple as all it
involves is guessing which symbol is printed on your chosen card.
Other tools are a pendulum, random field device or an Ouija board which are
used to develop a person’s ability to tap into your subconscious by being
aware of minute changes in muscle tension as a result of a direct reaction to
subconscious stimuli.
There is also the Energy Wheel which can be a good D-I-Y project. There are
claims that you can cause the energy wheel’s rotor to spin and stop mentally
from a distance. However, if you do not succeed, at least you have a toy
that you can tinker with for quite a while! There are also web-based tools
that you can use to harness your extrasensory powers.
However, the ultimate method to get your intuitive juices flowing is to
practice using it. Just like the muscles in our body, if they are left unused
and neglected for long periods of time, they become wither and can even
Keep in mind however that even if parapsychology has acquired lots of
credibility that even the US military and police use them in their line of work,
there is still a very strong group of doubting Thomas’s who see ESP as some
sort of misguided and worthless pseudoscience.
Their number one argument is that it doesn’t make any sense at all! Albeit
they are correct in their observation since ESP phenomenon is opposed to
the physical laws that we are all familiar with. They claim that ESP,
extraordinary as it is also requires the same type of evidence in order to be
Regardless of the fact of numerous but sketchy evidences of ESP, they say it
is not that unexpected in context of the bigger picture. With more than 7
billion people on the planet who are continuously thinking and going through
various experiences, it is statistically possible that on any given day some of
these events that people hope to happen will happen according to how they
hope it would!
The skeptics however concede that what some people perceive to be psychic
powers may in reality be just a finely tuned perception of events that have
happen and may happen based on factors and variables that bombard an
individual’s five primary senses which are incessantly picking up information
24/7 and which the brain is processes constantly on both the conscious and
unconscious levels. A case in point is that an individual who is exceptionally
proficient at analyzing and interpreting apparently disjointed information can
put them together and come up with an accurate and educated guess of the
Given the situation, even parapsychologists appreciate the importance of the
skeptical point of view as they readily admit its constructive value to the
better comprehension and understanding of ESP phenomena.
Proponents and believers of ESP however find fault with the suggestion that
there is a logical explanation to psychic phenomenon and exposing bogus
psychics invalidates the existence of ESP. Although some of the exhibitions
of psychic power are admittedly fraudulent and that some of the ESP
experiments are conducted in a faulty manner there are no solid proof either
that ESP is untrue and useless.
Despite advancements in science, physics and learning, there is still no
definitive judgment whether ESP exists or not. The fact that it is not
governed by the physical laws of the universe is not enough reason to claim
that it is just a figment of the imagination. Mankind’s history is replete with
instances when accepted beliefs have been changed radically in view of new
evidence. Also, science is not about deciding what can or cannot be rather it
is all about what is and how – a perfect model for the scientific investigation
of ESP.

October 7, 2022

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